Any landscaping company has a series of services, but not every company has built a roster of clients that rave about those services.


What is one of the factors in a beautiful landscape that is crucial but not given much of the spotlight?  The factor that can make a customers house stand out from the rest?  Part of the project that can give a yard shape and character? It is taking time and thought into grading the site to be landscaped.  It is extremely important that the landscape has proper drainage, and with our experience we ensure this by grading everything correctly in order to avoid years of redoing and ruining existing landscapes due to trying to fix unnecessary issues.


Throughout years of searching for top of line landscape material, we offer high quality trees.  We understand what trees should be placed where, growth rates, shade tolerance and the layout of our trees.



Without our expertise and design, individual plants may be bought for their beauty but people may have difficulty tying them into the composition of a landscape.  For LAND ART to create unique, original and visually appealing yards ,we know the importance of using high quality plants that will flow in the landscape design.



No matter how great the landscape design or how much care was put into the installation, no plants, trees or sod have much of any hope with out the proper watering. We have what it takes to install a thought out irrigation system that will operate to have proper coverage and correct watering on our landscapes.


To avoid years of frustration and pouring money too many times into a seeded yard that will not fill in or grow properly, we install different varieties of sod. The customer can choose from Bermuda, Fescue, Zoysia or Centipede.

Specimen Boulder Placements

One of our favorite things to incorporate in our landscape designs is to use boulders.  Not just any rock that is dug up in our grading or construction, but hand selected Tennessee, Arkansas or Colorado fieldstone boulders we find at certain hardscape suppliers.


Natural Rock Steps

Where terrain is steep or there is a large or small slope that is difficult for people to come up with a solution or means of access, LAND ART has impressed many customers with various kinds of natural large stones used as stair treads.


Pavers, Patios, and Walkways

Pavers are known to be more valued than traditional concrete. They add a lot of character, interest and a more high end result in a landscape.  LAND ART uses a number of shapes, sizes and color pavers that customers can choose from.


Small Water Features

Water features can really compliment the theme of certain landscape designs. They serve as great focal points and can provoke a range of emotions to people enjoying the peace and tranquility of sitting near or looking at a water feature.


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