The difference between a good team and a great team can be the difference between a decent yard and a dream come true. You're going to love our crew.

James Lajoie - Owner, Landart Landscapes

James Lajoie - Owner

A natural grove of trees, a creek carving through its surroundings, a carefully designed plant scheme and layout for a property - it all has growth and changes that are part of the story of a landscape. 

Each client's property is a unique challenge and opportunity. It's incredible to see the potential in a sweep of land, a slope, the grounds around a house. It's my job to see "what could be" out of something that is not.

A beautifully and uniquely designed landscape is much more valuable than a dollar amount. An outdoor living space is an experience. It's an invitation to look around and take it all in - to relax - to play - to actually want to have friends over to enjoy these same things.

I'm passionate about our work. We do things right or we won't do them at all. I have a desire for excellence and for finding the best way to do things. From selection of material, to methods of installing, to the final product we deliver to our clients. Along with building landscapes comes building relationships. I hope that you will consider Land Art by joining many others who have trusted us to deliver superior quality and customer service. Let us help you imagine what could be yours...

Destiny Lajoie - Administration - Land Art Landscapes

Destiny Lajoie - Administration

Destiny is an absolute ninja with the management and daily organizational tasks of Land Art Landscapes. She is the internal gear set that keeps this business ticking.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

The Land Art Crew

We hand pick the crew that makes up the Land Art team. These guys aren't just muscle. They're great thinkers and employ a wonderful attitude about the way the work we do truly makes a home or a business shine, and creates an experience for the people who get to enjoy it. They take great pride in their work.


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